Edit: I totally forgot to mention this: Marc Galeazzi put together a list of income reports, maybe that’s some interesting data for you.

April is over, time to sum things up. I’m quite late this time, I apologize for that.

If you are new to this series, let me explain it to you: Since Android is an open platform, I decided to be open about the income I’m making with my private Android apps too. In the last report I aimed to reach $4,000 for the last month. You will see if it worked out.

For all income reports, please click here.

Which Apps?

3D Invaders – about 245,000 installs (+13k), 15% active

AL Voice Recorder – about 740,000 installs (+40k), 20% active

AL Voice Recorder Ad Free – 1046 installs (+49), 35% active

Droid-Blog.net Android App – 477 installs (+24), 13% active

SmsToSpeech full – 759 installs (+15), 30% active

Only 53K new downloads. As you will see, there was a reason for that.

What did I do?

I tried a new ad network, SellAring, in the AL Voice Recorder. SellAring is an ad network specialized in audio ads. These ads are played in the timeframe the user is waiting for a called person to pick up a call. It needs at least four permissions, five other permissions can be added to increase efficiency.

The overall performance of the network was not satisfying. The fillrate started high but dropped fast. In addition, the new permissions stopped a lot of users from downloading the app which again resulted in a worse position on the result page for “Voice Recorder” in the Play Store. The users that updated or downloaded the app also didn’t like it, the comments were clear about that. On the pro side is the fast payment. It happened a couple of days after the month’s end.

By today, I’m not using SellAring anymore.

Advertising Stats

Here are some statistics from the two advertising networks I’m using, AdMob and Madvertise. Please read the second income report for an explanation of the following numbers.


Requests: 591,169 (-95k)

Impressions: 581,342 (-92k)

Fill Rate: 98.34% (0.26%)

Clicks: 24,579 (-5.8k)

CTR: 4.23% (-0.3%)

eCPM: $1.56 (-$0.52)

House Ads: 741 (554)

Adjusted Requests:  591,910 (-95k)

Adjusted Fill Rate: 98.21% (+0.16%)


Requests: 1,357,737 (-193k)

Impressions: 106,949 (12k)

Fill Rate: 7.88% (1.76%)

Clicks: 3,603 (598)

CTR: 3.37% (0.2%)

eCPM: $5.76 ($2.75)

madvertise’s fillrate and eCPM got up a little again which is somewhat good news. The overall requests declined, I think this can be attributed to the SellAring integration.

How much?

Here are the numbers:


3D Invaders: $348.46

AL Voice Recorder: $557.95

AdMob Total: $906.41 (-$497.45)



3D Invaders: ~$477.57

AL Voice Recorder: ~$138.11

madvertise Total: ~$615.68 ($330.10)


Market sales: ~$84.32 (-$42.27)

In-App purchases: ~$9.59 ($1.65)

SellAring: $174.35

Total: ~$1,790.35 (-$33.61)


What’s next?

I’m still as far from the goal of $4,000 as I was in the last months. To be a bit more realistic, I will set my goal for this month at $2,000.


Please feel free to share your own experiences and hints in the comments. Ask questions, share, do whatever you like.