Wanted: Beta Tester

ANDLABS will soon release a new, terrific 2D game for the Android platform (of course). For this game, we need beta testers. I can’t tell you much about the content, but four things are for sure:

  • It’s an absolutely new concept
  • If you like tower defense games, you will love it
  • If you like physics games, you will love it
  • The beta test will start in the period of mid to end of August.

So if you are interested: Good choice! Just leave your e-mail-adress in the comments (I will delete it before approving your comment).

Thank you very much, I’m convinced you will like this game.

Edit: already 10 sign ups here plus two on G+. You guys are great!


  1. Hit me up for beta-testing. Samsung Galaxy S

  2. Sounds like a great game, I love tower defense games and am definitely interested in testing. Have a Samsung Galaxy S II.

    However, I’ll be away most of August (until the 27th). If you’re looking for testers after that date, I’d be happy to help out. Give me a shout.


  3. I can help, galaxy S

  4. Ran across you on G+ from mutual circle friend. I’m interested in beta testing. Rooted CM7 HTC Thunderbolt.

  5. If you are looking for low end hardware I have an LG Optimus V.

  6. dude this sounds awesome. sign me up!

  7. Phone: San Francisco (aka ZTE Blade) running Android 2.1
    Based in the UK, should that affect anything. . .

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  8. id be glad to help i design androud apps lso

  9. i can help

  10. Why not?
    Samsung Galaxy S2

  11. Hey, I’m interested in testing this game as well, it sounds like fun. I have a Google Nexus S.

  12. Daniel online

    2011/07/12 at 14:27

    I love Tower Defense Games and could help you as well.
    But I have only a HTC Wildfire..

    • Hi Daniel,
      thank you for participating.
      HTC Wildfire is great, I hope the game will be running smoothly. Although I don’t have one on my own, I heard the form factor of the Wildfire is really nice.

      Best regards

  13. Sounds great, look forward to it :)

  14. wow….what an interesting one :)

  15. Sounds great, would like to test it on my SGSII

  16. Happy to help if I can.

    Have a DHD and a Samsung Galaxy Europa (the latter may not get an awful lot of testing time as it’s a pain :) ).

  17. Ambar Nugroho

    2011/07/25 at 15:15

    My handset is samsung galaxy gio, I would like to test your game on my phone, I’m looking forward for your response

  18. David Thornton

    2011/08/01 at 16:36

    Would be happy to help beta test if you’re still looking for users. I’ve got an HTC Inspire 4G running 2.3.3.
    Cheers and good luck!

    • Hello Dave,
      thank you for your comment, of course I’m still looking for users. The test Period will start in about a month, I will e-mail you then.

      Best regards

  19. Would be happy to help.
    I’ve got a Nexus S, and a very old Samsung Galaxy i5700, but i can test on Galaxy Tab and Xoom too.

  20. Can i give it a try?
    Phone: Optimus One

  21. Hi, I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    I have a Xperia Arc (Android 2.3) and a Milestone (Android 2.1).

  22. Are you still searching? I can test with a HTC Desire and a ZTE Blade. And i have a own team of game testers (7-12 years old) 8-)
    I use them also as level designers for my new/first mobile game. ;-)

  23. I would be happy to beta test it.

    Tmobile Mytouch 4g

  24. Hey I have an HTC Desire HD. Count me in

  25. Gennady Kusnetzow

    2012/01/16 at 13:17

    Galaxy tab 10.1 android 3.2 rooted +pershoot

  26. Hello,

    I would be happy to test it.
    I have access to following devices, motorolla xoom, acer iconia tab, kindle fire.
    Mail me if you think it would help.

  27. Hey!

    I added a comment to be allowed for beta testing.
    I will be waiting for the yes/no decision.
    devices – acer, xoom, kindle.

  28. would like to be a beta tester for Samsung
    Galaxy note

  29. chris hall

    2013/03/23 at 23:38

    i would love to be a beta tester

  30. Alexis Lomeli Gracia

    2014/02/18 at 07:11

    Sweet! Im willing to become a beta tester! Sign me up.

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