Last week, we launched our first big game, Tumble Panda.

Instead of spending lots of money on marketing, we are using a percentage of our earnings to support the environment.

tumble panda - get it on google play

Saving the Panda

While being adorable mammals, with a population of less than 2000 wild animals, the giant Panda is almost extinct. This is why we decided to give five percent of the revenue we are generating in Tumble Panda to charity projects.

Rebuild our forests

Besides the rescue of the Panda, the scope of our donations is reforestation. Rain forests are the natural habit of an estimated 90% of land living species. We support the reforestation and preservation projects in order to conserve a rich diversity of life on our planet.

On you can see the list of charitable projects we are supporting and get information on our project, as well as our most recent donations.

At the moment we are supporting the following projects:

  1. Pandas International
  2. InDeed



There are many ways in which you can support The easiest is to play the Tumble Panda game and tell your friends about it. In this way, we are able to gather traction and visibility for our project and you can have an enjoyable time with our game. If you are financially capable of it, please also consider donating to the above organizations. If you want to go even further, you can try to change your lifestyle a bit by taking a look at the InDeed campaign for nature.

Also, if you think there is a project we should be supporting but do not yet have on our list, please feel invited to drop us an email at projects [at] tumblepanda [dot] org.