Evolution of CPC (Cost per click)

Cost per click or CPC – that’s what its all about when comparing ad networks. There’s a tendency when reading through forums, that the average CPC has dropped noticeable in the last year. I’ve been a user of AdMob and madvertise for some time now, here are my average CPCs:


To make a long story short, here’s a diagram:

Evolution of AdMob's CPC

The evolution of AdMob's CPC

As you can see there are ups and downs in the curve but currently, it seems we are more in a boom than in a recession.  The average CPC has been around 4 US-cents, that’s an acceptable value.


Here’s the diagram:

The evolution of madvertise's CPC

The evolution of madvertise's CPC

Also madvertise had it’s ups and downs. whil around may this year, CPC dropped to about 10 US-cents, it has increased to almost 20 US-cents since then. It’s remarkable that madvertise’s average CPC was, even at its lowest, still almost twice as high as AdMobs best rate. If they had a better fillrate outside of Europe, I probably wouldn’t had to work anymore.


What are your experiences with CPCs? Did you experience some remarkable changes? Please feel free to tell us in the comments.

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  1. I just signed up with AdMob to create an ad for my Android smartphone app. It is encouraging to see the CPC at pennies, compared to the dollars for AdWords CPC needed to be shown for competitive keywords. I am very surprised to see the demand/competition difference being so great. Thanks for your information.

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