First anniversary of

On May 25. 2011, was born.

Since then, 53 posts were published and 660 non-spam comments were done. 167.387 impressions in 86.597 visits made by 55.360 unique visitors, with 4.842 visits on the best day (May 13.).

302 people followed @droidbl0g on Twitter, 172 circled Droid-Blog on G+ and 69 people added droid-blog on facebook.

Four series were started: The income reports, the App Store Optimization series, the articles on animated GIFs and on Game development (in German).

The most read article was the first article on animated GIFs with 13.394, followed by the 9th income report with 10.235 readers.


The overall feedback regarding this blog was awesome. Thank you to all of you for reading, commenting and following I’m looking forward to the next year.



  1. Congratulation to your 1st web birthday. :) I hope that your blog popularity will raise, because there is many information which help and also it is great place to comunication with other developers.
    So to next year I wish you also so great numbers as in first year. :)

  2. Johannes, congratulations and thanks for all the useful information, analysis and especially your opinions. Its all been very useful and thought-provoking for me. Keep it up, please! Looking forward to more on ASO.

  3. Congrats! And keep up the good work :-) I like your game dev posts the most – but I agree with Lucy: Your app store optimization posts are also very helpful. Hope to see more on this as well.

  4. Congrats Johannes! Here is wishing you a more prosperous 2nd year !


  5. Congrats Johannes and thanks for the useful information.I really agree with your blog..Thanks!!

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