We released ‘Flying Knight’

Well, we did see it coming and indeed it happened:

After the release of ‘Flappy Knight’, we were warned by some friends that Google was unpublishing games that try to live of Flappy Bird’s success. After about one week in the store, just as downloads started to increase a bit,  we received a “7-Day Notification of Google Play Developer Term Violation”, stating that our “title and/or description attempts to impersonate or leverage another popular app without permission” and that we had to “remove all such references.”.

So far so good. Our description, which contained statements like
“- As addictive as the now unpublished ‘Flappy Bird’
– Flap your way through endless lines of walls”,
definitely violated parts of the Play Store’s spam provisions, and since Google Play is not a democracy, we had to do as we were told.

We changed the name of our game to, removed everything that could be connected to Flappy Bird and republished an update that also contained some bug fixes. After an immensely long update time of more than 72 hours, it was done.

So hereby, I proudly announce the release of:


You can get it now on Google Play.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


  1. I tried out this game. great game. couldn’t score much only 40+. but the difficulty level is much higher than flappy bird where i scored 158.
    Great job.

  2. hello Mr Borchardt,

    i want to ask if the income you displays us is a monthly or a total income ?
    I hope you will succeed with the game !!! :)


  3. Hello Mr Borchardt,

    i thank you for your response and the information!

    I got a small idea. Maybe you could integrate a small store into the “Flappy Knight”
    game to unlock new skins like a new golden armor or something and a “post your score on facebook” for the players. Maybe this way they would keep playing because they want to challange their friends and unlock new stuff(+ avoid direct connecton to Flappy bird).

    And add some levels to your Space invader and update the graphics :)
    Maybe you should play with the price of the voice recorder and update the graphics
    because why should i buy it for 2,89€ when the paid app doen’s look nicer? Maybe a video for the app to show how good the app is :)

    This is my subjective response to your work. I think it is better than to write you”great work”, because the work is great but why shouldn’t is be “greater”? :)

    Sorry for my english!:)

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