Android Income Report #14: June 12

June is over and I’m far earlier with this report than with the last one, here it goes:

If you are new to this series, let me explain it to you: Since Android is an open platform, I decided to be open about the income I’m making with my private Android apps too. In the last report I aimed to reach $2,000 for the last month. You will see if it worked out.

For all income reports, please click here.

Which Apps?

3D Invaders – about 267,000 installs (+11k), 14% active

AL Voice Recorder – about 815,000 installs (+34k), 19% active

AL Voice Recorder Ad Free – 1,133 installs (+45), 33% active Android App – 530 installs (+19), 13% active

SmsToSpeech full – 778 installs (+11), 26% active

45,000 new downloads, that’s a not a good result.

What did I do?

Nothing big, a few bug fixes.

Advertising Stats

Here are some statistics from the two advertising networks I’m using, AdMob and Madvertise. Please read the second income report for an explanation of the following numbers.


Requests: 533,586 (-52k)

Impressions: 530,543 (-49k)

Fill Rate: 99.43% (+0.51%)

Clicks: 19,134 (-3.9k)

CTR: 3.61% (-0.37%)

eCPM: $1.97 (+$0.45)

House Ads: 4,538(+3,261)

Adjusted Requests:  538,124 (-49k)

Adjusted Fill Rate: 98.59% (-0.11%)


Requests: 731,824 (-399k)

Impressions: 39,698 (-7k)

Fill Rate: 5.42% (+1.3%)

Clicks: 1,698 (+256)

CTR: 4.28% (+1.19%)

eCPM: $3.37 (+$0.14)

Interestingly a way bigger loss in requests and impressions on the madvertise side than on AdMob’s. Still, their results got a little better, maybe there’s even more room for improvement in the next months.

How much?

Here are the numbers:


3D Invaders: $295.55

AL Voice Recorder: $750.54

AdMob Total: $1,046.09 (+$166.26)



3D Invaders: ~$57.25

AL Voice Recorder: ~$76.63

madvertise Total: ~$133.88 (-$17.02)


Market sales: ~$114.46 (+$13.60)

In-App purchases: ~$12.39 (+$0.83)

Total: ~$1,306.82 (+$163.66)

A little increase but not $2000.


What’s next?

I didn’t reach my last month’s goal, so, again, it will be $2,000 for the month of July.


Please feel free to share your own experiences and hints in the comments. Ask questions, share, do whatever you like.


  1. It’s great to see you are doing these reports again. I really appreciate the data from a real developer that is actually out there like some of the rest of us. :)

    Anyway I just wanted to stop by and give my support for your offering this great resource. Keep it up, I look forward to reading more next month.


  2. I am amazed how do you keep similar incomes for 3 months without doing almost nothing big like marketing and stuff :O

    • Hi Steve,

      I think this is because most of my new users don’t come from top lists but from searching for keywords related to my apps. I like it.

      Best regards

  3. Very inspiring :)
    How do you divide ad traffic between your 2 ad networks ?
    Have you got static divider included in code – for exampe: 30% for Madvertise ?

  4. Congrats dude. I think this is quite the achievement. I’ve engaged into app/game creation myself just for the fun of it and making something and getting it out there. And I do think I speak for most when I say your evolution is inspiring :)
    Feel free to check my first endeavor (a 2D “Rubick Cube”-ish like game) and let me know what you think:
    Thank you!

    • Hey Laurentiu,

      thank you for your comment.
      I like the overall concept of your app, although I’ve never been good ad this kind of games. Best success with it.


  5. This blog is awesome. Great stuff, I’ve must have read all your posts this last hour. As a starter they’re very helpfull! Are you planning on doing a post on how you market your apps? I’ve got 4 apps ready to hit the Play store (and other markets ofcourse), and am working on my marketing plan right now. Any tips?

    Good luck with reaching our goal next / this month!

    • Hi ThomQ,

      I’m glad you like it.
      How does your marketing plan look like right now? We are currently in the hot phase of our next game which will have some marketing budget. Once I know about the effectiveness of the different methods we tried, I’ll let you know.

      Best regards

  6. Hey Johaness,
    Just wanted to drop a line an let you know my Android Income Report June 2012 is out also. I have finally made over $1000 this month and expect to make $1500 next month. This is all with only having one app with over 100k installs.

  7. Great information.

  8. Alessandro Costantino

    2012/07/20 at 19:12

    A very satisfying results! I hope that one day I’ll get your same results, because developing games app for Android is my main objective, and with your numbers I can live without problems and other jobs in my city :D

    • Wow, that sounds great! Unfortunately Munich seems to be way more expensive than your city plus the German treasury also wants its part.
      Have you already started developing your games?
      Best luck!

  9. Hi again :) just published my first app on android name “Budget Controller” you can read more in my
    blog. Just one more thing why in my android phone my app appears second place when i search for the keyword “Budget Controller” and then appears in the eighth place when acessing the playing store from my pc??? :O

    And also i saw that “money lover” app have so much keywords in their description its mind boggling they always appears first place and i remember reading your ASO posts about keyword spamming and then this guy seems to be with his app for about a year and half on the market without google removing his app?? Hum seems interesting…

    • Hi again Steve,

      maybe your PC has an other language set for the play store than your phone?

      I don’t think every app that enters the play store is checked for valid descriptions. If the app’s description is marked as inappropriate by a user, the app might be removed though.

      Best regards

  10. Hi Johannes,

    What ad network do you use to promote your apps? Actually we’re using AdMob to promote our app, but it seems like there is so much fake clicks.. 500 clicks -> 40 installations it’s a little bit frustrating…. :) Now, we launch Lucky Shot 3D version to IOS and we’ll start promoting it, but we are trying to know what is the best ad network to promote our IOS game.

    Just another thing, what is the minimum bid that you use to promote your apps in USA/Canada? Know we are promoting our apps in India with a $0.02 bid (LOL is less expensive :D).

    Best Regards,
    MPP Productions

  11. @Johannes Borchardt

    You are right! In my smartphone all comments on play store are on portuguese but on my pc they are english, how do i switch the playstore language settings on my phone?

  12. i’d like to ask you if you have tried airpush, i dont know how could works with persons, maybe uninstalling or not, i have seen that income is not low.

  13. This is what transparency means. This is great. You have done this report and post it.
    It will make people appreciate of what your responsibility.
    Nice and Great! Keep it up guys!

  14. Magnus Söderberg

    2012/08/19 at 19:10

    Nice read as always. I would however remove admob as there are quite a few other better options. They have a good fillrate but doesn’t pay that well. And to reply to the comment to the person who used admob to promote their game I would definately change, admob is way to expensive to use.

  15. Do you use rich media ads from Madvertise or only banner ads?

  16. Johannes Borchardt,
    I’m programming an app using admob,
    i meet an error :”onFailedToReceiveAd(Ad request successful, but no ad returned due to lack of ad inventory.)”
    and not show Ads of admob (read ads).
    Can you help me !
    Thank you

  17. You have good numbers there. Me, I have an experiment with my jokes app, its about 1 1/2 month already at Admob and about 363 active installs and it earned $1.20.

    Not much but it looks promising, given that its a single app, what if I have about 20 such apps plus actively promote and link to them, might be worth something big.

  18. Love reading your income reports. I’ve just released my first two apps in the last month, one was a fairly simple Female 2 Male dictionary and the other one is a Missing Vowels game. Do you have any idea how you managed to get your apps popular? Was it the just the name, or did you spend any money on marketing them when they were released?

    Thanks in Advance

  19. Great report and it’s nice to get a brief look at how you are doing and what your goals are. I have wanted to do a post like this Thanks for the inspiration

  20. Nice report, Thanks for the inspiration.

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