Droid-Blog.net now on Google+

Most of you probably already realized: Google+ is now capable of Pages, an equivalent to the Facebook pages. This was a feature we’ve been lating for for a long time, and now it arrived.

Of course, Droid-Blog.net is also on Google+ now, so go ahead and add us to your circles here. I’m confident that this will be a great new way to interact with you, since it’s still one of the nerdyest social networks out there (based on the nerd/no nerd ratio of the users).


Droid-Blog.net is now on Google+

Droid-Blog.net is now on Google+

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  1. And how it’s after 2 months? How many new visitors G+ bring you?

    I’m curios it’s a good way to promote a Android blog in many social networks, or maybe better focus on one (for example only Facebook + RSS)? Android is a Google brand, so maybe G+ will be better than Facebook, although it has far less users. Currently I have pages on FB, G+, Twitter + RSS + e-mail norifications, but I’m just starting.

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