Android Income Report #6: October 11

Another month is over, it’s time for income facts again.

If you are new to this series, let me explain it to you: Since Android is an open platform, I decided to be open about the income I’m making with my private Android apps too. In the last report I aimed to reach $1,100 for the last month, a goal which I failed to reach the month before. You will see if it worked out this time.

For all income reports, please click here.

Which Apps?

3D Invaders – about 118,000 installs (+11k), 14% active

AL Voice Recorder – about 433,000 installs (+34k), 23% active

AL Voice Recorder Ad Free – 773installs (+26), 41% active Android App – 302 installs (+77), 22% active

SmsToSpeech full – 698 installs (+12), 43% active

More then 45,000 new downloads, that’s really amazing!

What did I do?

Last month I pushed some updates, this month I did some ASO again. I did this around the 16th. Since then download numbers increased a lot. Let’s see how this changed my advertising statistics.

Advertising Stats

Here are some statistics from the two advertising networks I’m using, AdMob and Madvertise. Please read the second income report for an explanation of the following numbers.


Requests: 473,103 (+125k)

Impressions: 454,031 (+130k)

Fill Rate: 95,07% (+2,97%)

Clicks: 9,302 (+2k)

CTR: 2.05% (-0.23%)

eCPM: $0.96 (-$0.8)

House Ads: 4,976 (-4.7k)

Adjusted Requests:  478,079 (+120k)

Adjusted Fill Rate: 94.97 90,51 (+4,46%)


As I’m not using house ads in Madvertise, no adjusted requests and fill rates are shown here.

Requests: 845,343 (+556k)

Impressions: 121.656 (+68k)

Fill Rate: 18% (+-0%)

Clicks: 4,654 (+2362)

CTR: 3,83% (-0,44%)

eCPM: $9,31 (+$1.12)

Performances of both networks were amazing. Since I added madvertise to the AL Voice Recorder in the end of last month, madvertise’s numbers had been even more amazing than AdMob’s. I also integrated the new madvertise SDK. I didn’t experience any increase in the fillrate since then, but my CTR improved by about 0,58%.

How much?


3D Invaders: ~$585.04

AL Voice Recorder: ~$548.55

Madvertise Total: ~$1,133.59 (+$692.86)

Goal reached! But since that’s not all at all, here’s what I earned with my other streams:


3D Invaders: $137.71

AL Voice Recorder: $297.25

AdMob Total: $434.95 (+$96.21)


Market sales: ~$87.02 (+$21,70)

In-App purchases: ~$8,19 (+$3.73)


Total: ~$1,663.75 (+$814.50)

I know I used the word amazing a couple of times in this post, but that’s exactly what last month was, especially in the second half. When seeing an income of about $60 every day, this is really motivating and also a lot of fun.

What’s next?

I expect the level of new installs to stay stable in this month. I will put some effort into a new app to finally get another stream soon. I will probably not manage to increase my Android-income by almost 100% again, but I expect it to rise further.

So, for this month, I’m targeting the magic mark of $2,000. A competitive goal, but I’m convinced I will reach it.



Please feel free to share your own experiences and hints in the comments. Please also don’t hesitate to tell me if there is anything else you’d like to get some information about.


  1. Wow, good job! Do you attribute all these gains to the updates and ASO you did? Did you do any new techniques, or the same ASO you have written blogs about already?

  2. Wow, some great figures there! Interesting to see you’ve had so much success with madvertise. I’ve had similar experience this month – I’ve been testing several ad networks side-by-side in the same app, and madvertise has consistently outperformed the rest. Even given its lower fill rate in non-european countries, madvertise has been giving me far greater RPM than anything else.

    • Thanks David!
      Great to hear that madvertise works well for you too. I’m looking forward to the figures of your iPhone 4S app!
      Best regards

  3. May I have one question?….
    Could you tell me please in regard to Admob and Madvertise, how do you use them?
    Are they both on the same application, or on different applications?

    From your stats I can see that Madvertise bring much more revenue than Admob, so why not switch all applications to Madvertise?

    I would appreciate an answer with arguments. :)

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